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Jumping Lesson :)

Published on January 22, 2012 By Unknown

We jumped training to prelim 😀 Trendy did amazing…I am soo proud of him. We knocked a few rails but that was my fault i got the wrong striding haha 😛 Last video for a week or two because i am leaving for the camp in 3 days:) Duration : 0:2:46 Technorati Tags: bstucker, equestrian, […]

Dressage Training with Christoph Hess

Published on January 20, 2012 By Unknown

http://www.vera-fuerst.de this video was taken during the PM Training Show at Hof Norwegen. The trainer is the official German FN Horse Trainer Christoph Hess. The rider is the professional dressage rider Maria K. Wulff the Horse Direktor by Don Frederico Duration : 0:1:52 Technorati Tags: Christoph Hess, dressage, dressage training, German, horse, horseback, lesson, riding, […]

//I dream in colour//27OO

Published on January 8, 2012 By Unknown

720p! All new vids, some from a jumping lesson with Andrew Hamilton, a show I was at a weekend or so ago, and a scary jumping session from home with terpaulin a while ago, and then visiting Sammy at his new home and hacking him a few weeks ago! 😀 Sorry everythings a bit random […]

Burnham Beeches Horse Trials by White and Wong

Published on January 3, 2012 By Unknown

A White and Wong video of Burnham Beeches Horse Trials at Snowball Farm Equestrian Centre. http://snowballfarm.co.uk Video by White and Wong http://www.whiteandwong.org Song Title: Understand Me Artist: Boy@Heart Written by R.Cooke & G.Crause Purchase link – http://music.boyatheart.com/album/understand-me-ep Snowball Farm holds Burnham Beeches Horse Trials each summer. Snowball Farm is a family run riding school and […]

[02-01-12] Jumping Lesson with AliceHeather1 (inc. 2 falls!)

Published on January 3, 2012 By Unknown

-Watch in HD!- Alice (red jumper beige jods) was riding Jules a gelding who’s about 16hh, and I (t-shirt brown jods) was riding Tammy a mare who’s probably about 14.2hh. Not sure of their breeds. We had a pretty successful lesson despite BOTH falling off:’) Biggest jump was probably the green and red which was […]

Learning to Ride -16th Lesson: Jumping

Published on January 2, 2012 By Unknown

Learning to ride at Thompsons Horse Centre Lesson #16 – This is only my 2nd time jumping – everyone has to learn somehow so I dont get why people are disliking this video :S No one is a pro from the start and thats why I upload these videos. If you dislike the vid, then […]

The Breyer Riding Lesson

Published on January 2, 2012 By Unknown

This is just a little video that my friend and I made. It is a Breyer riding lesson where three little kids are riding three hyper horses. Two Thoroughbreds, and one part Thoroughbred. Enjoy. Oh, please no rude comments, we no that the riding is not right, and you need to warm up more, people, […]

Learning to Ride – 15th Lesson: First Time Jumping

Published on December 29, 2011 By Unknown

Learning to ride at Thompsons Horse Centre- 15th Lesson. My first time jumping 😀 Warming up, and practicing two-point position. Then some trotting poles, and a small jump at trot and canter Horse – Cookie Yay for 300+ Views #9 — Most Discussed (Today) — Pets & Animals — New Zealand #31 — Most Discussed […]

atticus w

Published on December 27, 2011 By Unknown

http://classicalspanishequitation.weebly.com For training, clinics, or sales contact Antonio Topete Diaz at classicalspanishequitation@yahoo.com Spread the word about the new book in Spanish called El Caballo de Baile. We cannot stop in correct horse training completely but we can help many get better informed please spread the word. Duration : 0:2:34 Technorati Tags: Arabian, barn, barrel, barrel […]

Phillip Dutton Lesson, July 29 2011 Zoe and Chase

Published on December 24, 2011 By Unknown

Phillip Dutton Lesson, July 29 2011 Zoe and Chase Duration : 0:4:29 Technorati Tags: 2’9, 2011, and, chase, Dutton, July, lesson, Phillip, zoe


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