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Is Your Horse In Pain? Does Your Saddle Fit? http://www.saddles.com

Published on April 12, 2011 By Unknown

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[Hurricanes Can’t Stop Us!] Laurel Hill Cross Country Horse Schooling with Gam 8-11-11

Published on September 2, 2011 By Unknown

After Bay’s cross country episode a few weeks ago I’ve been getting requests for an episode with Gam. He did so great! I can’t wait until Judge can get his turn! 😀 Check out this little pony – She was killing it all day! At the end of the day, she almost kicked Gam in […]

[I Got Struck By Lightning] Carousel Park Eventing Horse Show with Gam 8/21/2011

Published on August 26, 2011 By Unknown

This show was out of control. Right before I was supposed to start my dressage test, the sky opended up and poured rain. There was insane amounts of lightning, I was almost positve they would have called the show off. These guys were realy cool, and they waited it out and we got back to […]

[When Gam Stops – I Hit The Ground] Olde Hope Farm Intro Eventing W/ Gam 5/28/11

Published on July 14, 2011 By Unknown

Gam and I did Old Hope Farms Intro Eventing! We were doing so great, until we started Cross Country. He got a bit spooked and I took a pretty nice fall. I’m still very proud of him, He was great! It’s all my fault as I have not schooled him on cross country. It was […]

Horse Falls – An Extreme Sport

Published on April 25, 2011 By Unknown

This video is super old!! I have many more horse falls videos that are newer (and better!!). Horseback riding to the extreme. Subscribe for MORE! Please enjoy!! Like/Comment/Subscribe Duration : 0:3:44 Technorati Tags: Bucking, crash, crash accident, dressage, english, extreme, falls, horse, horses, jumping, Jumps, Rearing, riding, western

Horse Riding Cross Country and Show Jumping …Gone Wrong #3

Published on April 20, 2011 By Unknown

First referral from YouTube – Homepage 1,378 More Falls Drama And Horsing about than an episode of You’ve Been Framed Watch all three and you shall be forever forfilled If you dont like falls dont watch any of the 3 videos obviously But apart from that watch and enjoy ! (: x Duration : 0:3:13 […]

Springston Trophy 2009 – Pony Club 3 Day Event – The Badminton of the Pony Club World

Published on April 17, 2011 By Unknown

If you want your photo or photage removed or you want a copy of it just comment and ask. I only got one fall on video and that was the one where the horse flipped over the jump and landed on it’s rider. If that girl wants the phootage again just ask but I’m not […]

Me riding Phillip Dutton’s Sales Horses!!!!

Published on April 16, 2011 By Unknown

OMG this was an AMAZING experience to meet phillip dutton (he is so nice I love him!!), I got to ride his sales horses and they were all SOO atheletic and enthusiastic and amazing. Don’t worry I am keeping Gableyy!! I LOVED the clipped chestnut with the blaze (her name is The Lioness- haha perfect […]


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