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So, you think equestrian is easy?

Published on January 20, 2012 By Unknown

I hope this gives you chills the way it does me leave comments/ subscribe/ share with your friends hope you like it!! Duration : 0:2:29 Technorati Tags: equestrianism, horses, sport

Join us this weekend for two LIVE equestrian events

Published on January 20, 2012 By Unknown

Sign up to FEITV this weekend to enjoy two live broadcast. Starting on Saturday 21st January with the Reem Acra FEI World Cup from Amsterdam. Then finish the weekend off with the Rolex FEI World Cup Jumping from Leipzig. A great weekend of equestrian Sport at the highest level. Duration : 0:1:9 Technorati Tags: ‘then, […]

“Warrenton”- One in a million Hunter/Jumper…

Published on January 19, 2012 By Unknown

“Warrenton” 2002 16.2h Imported Oldenburg Gelding. USEF Zone 10 & PCHA Horse of the Year Adult Amateur Hunter 18-35. Congratulations Cynthia and Warrenton! Words can not describe how special and loved you both are. Thanks so much to Keri Kampsen, Joe Thorpe, and the wonderful staff at Sovereign Place for your endless dedication to us […]

Polo – Sport of Kings

Published on January 10, 2012 By Unknown

A video of a bunch of pics together to music. enjoy. Duration : 0:3:17 Technorati Tags: chucker, chukka, equine, galloping, horse, horses, king’s, of, polo, sport, thoroughbred

No one said horse riding was easy!

Published on January 10, 2012 By Unknown

EDIT: OMG! more than 2000 views? *faints* *I DO NOT OWN THESE CLIPS!* Pleae rate and comment! This is my first video, so don’t be to hard for me! It is about the equestrian sport, and that it isn’t easy, but alot of fun! I have done this in 3 hours. Watch out! in the […]

The Birth of a Sport || Equestrianism || 5,700 Subscribers!

Published on January 4, 2012 By Unknown

WATCH IN HD! I keep finding that when I’m angry, I get the best of ideas. Too bad being angry all the time would be unhealthy, otherwise I’d find ways to keep myself that way xD My most recent cause for anger is that, unfortunately, my editing computer has been murdered. Melvin… has died. My […]

How To Position Your Horse To A Gallop

Published on January 1, 2012 By Unknown

This advice video is a suitable time-saver that will enable you to get good at horse riding. Watch our video on How To Position Your Horse To A Gallop from one of Videojug’s professional experts. Duration : 0:2:35 Technorati Tags: canter, equestrianism, fast, faster, gallop, Guide, horse, horse gaits, horse riding, horses, How, how+to, individual […]

atticus w

Published on December 27, 2011 By Unknown

http://classicalspanishequitation.weebly.com For training, clinics, or sales contact Antonio Topete Diaz at classicalspanishequitation@yahoo.com Spread the word about the new book in Spanish called El Caballo de Baile. We cannot stop in correct horse training completely but we can help many get better informed please spread the word. Duration : 0:2:34 Technorati Tags: Arabian, barn, barrel, barrel […]

Endurance Riding Info Video english v1 0

Published on December 24, 2011 By Unknown

Script based on a text by Conny Koller, translator and narrator Hans Engels. The video shows scenes from European rides and WCCs. Additional info from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_riding Endurance riding is an equestrian sport based on controlled long-distance races. It is one of the international competitions recognized by the FEI. There are endurance […]

Katie Schmitz & They Call The Wind Mariah Greenwood Horse Trials Fall 2011

Published on December 23, 2011 By Unknown

footage provided by RNSVIDEOMEDIA.COM Duration : 0:1:27 Technorati Tags: action, amazing, animal, babe, championships, church, colt, country, crazy, cross, day, Devon, dressage, earth, ecology, equestrian, equine, event, eventing, excitement, extreme, falls, FEI, filly, fun, green, h264, horse, horses, hot, intense, jump, jumping, Klimke, mare, najyrc, nature, nayrc, o’connor, Olympics, pets, ponies, pony, pure, racing, raw, […]


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